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Jugs Indoor Pickleball

Jugs Sports

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  • Jugs Indoor Pickleballs are the most popular brand of indoor balls. Indoor balls are made of a softer plastic that plays well on cement, tile and hardwood surfaces. These balls have larger holes than outdoor balls and measure 2⅞" diameter, weighing in at .81 oz. Jugs are the lightest USAPA-approved ball and have excellent bounce, making them a favorite among pickleball groups.

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    Jugs Indoor Pickleball

    Jugs indoor Pickleballs

    I have not used them due to the virus. Please don't ask me again until this virus problem is done. Thank you.

    White is Right

    We were playing indoors and oranges balls were difficult to see. The white color helped.

    The JIP's are the cat's meow!

    The JIP's are preferred by our players. We have tried a couple of other brands but our players had rather keep using the JIP's.

    So far so good.

    Ordered about 120 Jugs indoor balls to go along with a Pickleball Tutor ball throwing machine Christmas present. Ordering process went smoothly and machine and balls arrived as predicted a few days before Xmas. Haven’t used them yet so can’t report on that.
    One possible glitch: I ordered the Jugs balls because they are what our club uses. I later talked to the lady who procures balls for the club and she mentioned that she understood the Jugs balls would “no longer be legal” in 2018. I don’t know what “legal” means and in any event they are for private practice so I am not unduly concerned; but if in fact there is some sort of certification issue arising 2018, my expectation would be that somebody calling themselves “Pickleball Experts” would know about it and bring it to the attention of a purchaser ordering over 100 balls in December 2017.

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