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Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball

Pickleball Inc

  • $16.99
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  • The Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleball is the official ball of USAPA tournaments and was the original pickleball. They have thick walls made of hard plastic to ensure the durability of the balls. There are two sizes of holes on the balls to make them more aerodynamic. The Dura is a heavy ball, weighing in at 0.92 oz., and making them a fast ball that flies nice and straight.

    Customer Reviews

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    Dink t.M.

    Fast shipping and great price on Dura balls.

    Keauhou K.
    Dura Fast 40 Neon Outdoor pickleball

    I ordered these hoping that there would be some improvement in durability from my last order almost two years ago. Sadly, no. I play four times a week and the neon green Dura’s last an average of 3-4 games before cracking or becoming so out of round that they are unplayable. Alas, if they performed like the yellow Dura they would be perfect. Shipping was extremely quick from Pickleball Experts. All 17 dozen balls in one box in a week from the mail and to Hawaii.

    roger e.
    my Dura Fast out door balls?

    The balls I received don't seem to be the quality they used to be. Have gone thru 7 balls in two weeks playing only 3 times a week. Balls are cracking faster and getting out of round. I hope this is one time problem. After reading the reviews I see I am not the only one with this problem. Time to try a new ball!

    Mike W.

    Got them...

    Eileen B.
    Good in wind - dull color

    These aren’t bad for outdoor.