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Pro-Lite Magnum Graphite Stealth Spectrum

Magnum Graphite Stealth Pickleball Paddle

Pro-Lite Sports

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  • Description

    The Pro-Lite Magnum Graphite Stealth Pickleball Paddle is a popular paddle used by many national champions. It has plenty of pop and is great for the control player due to its light weight.

    • Used and endorsed by 6 Time National Champion, Wes Gabrielsen
    • Lightweight responsive carbon fiber face construction meant for high impact shots and ball control
    • Longer handle perfect for the tennis to pickleball convert
    • Optimal blend of balance, touch, and power
    • High Grade Nomex Honeycomb Core
    • Exclusive end cap allowing for an extra firm hold on paddle resulting in less slippage and more control
    • Pro-Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in the USA


      Approximate Weight 6.8-7.5 oz - Light
      Paddle Length 15.5"
      Paddle Width 7.75 - Medium
      Paddle Face Graphite
      Paddle Core Nomex Honeycomb
      Paddle Shape Standard
      Grip Gamma Supreme Grip
      Grip Circumference
      4.25" - Medium
      Grip Length 5.5" - Long
      Grip Tack High
      Grip Style Thin Black Cushion
      Edge Guard ¼" Overlap Micro Edge Guard
      Decibal Rating 85 dB
      Deflection Test (6.6 lbs) 1
      Deflection Test (11 lbs) 2
      Manufacturer Pro-Lite Sports
      Country of Origin USA
      USAPA Approved Yes

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Steve M.
      Long wait time for purchase to arrive

      I found your price and product description to be good. However I was quite dismayed with the time delay in receiving my new paddle. It took almost two weeks before it arrived. The only communication I received was confirmation of original purchase but I was never sent any follow up to indicate when the paddle would be sent or when I should expect it to arrive.

      I started to think that perhaps my purchase transaction was faulty. I also thought that perhaps the Labor Day holiday was causing the delay. Heck, I even started to blame the US Postal system and even thought perhaps I should have used Amazon Prime to assure quick delivery.

      In the meantime I had sold my two used pickleball paddles and then had to use a loaner paddle from my friends for quite a while. They had begun to doubt if I had actually bought a new paddle.

      So I suggest you try to implement a system that notifies your customers when their purchase does not get sent out immediately.

      Dick B.
      Review of Magnum Graphite Stealth paddle

      The specific weights of the paddles available were not specified in the advertisement or anywhere else I could find--just the fairly broad weight ranges--, so I just ordered it, hoping for the best. It turned out the weight was 6.8, which was at the extreme light end of the range, and was too light for me. If specific weights had been stated, I would have ordered a heavier paddle.

      Testudo l.

      Great racket

      Rickie O.

      Magnum Graphite Stealth Pickleball Paddle


      I love my Pro Lite Magnum Graphite Stealth Paddle! It has more pop than my old Champion paddle and is easier on my tendonitis elbow. I only wish that the grip would be flush where it meets the paddle face. I am having to adjust my serve a bit due to that bump up.

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