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Pickleball Tutor

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    The Pickleball Tutor is an amazing training aid in a small package. It's only 12"x18"x19.5" and 22 (A/C) or 29 (battery) pounds, which makes it incredibly easy to transport. It now also comes with a lightweight tow cart to make transporting the tutor even easier. The machine holds up to 125 indoor or outdoor pickleballs and will fire them at you however you'd like - fastballs up to 60 mph, short dinks and high lobs are all options.

    The Tutor is a high quality, durable machine that is loved by pickleball clubs, communities and serious players around the world. If you're looking to take your game to the next level, you can't beat the control and variety of training with the Pickleball Tutor.

    • 12"x18"x19.5" and 22-29 lbs
    • Holds up to 125 indoor or outdoor pickleballs
    • Variety of shot options and speeds available
    • Program to fire at intervals between 1 and 10 seconds
    • Includes lightweight two cart
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty on machine, 1 year warranty on battery



    • AC or battery power: battery can last 2-3 hours when fully charged.
    • Oscillating, 2-line oscillating or non-oscillating: the basic oscillating version (+$100) will fire balls randomly side-to-side instead of just straight where the machine is pointed. The new 2-line oscillating option (+$300) automatically shoots to two preset court positions in addition to having the random oscillation feature of the basic oscillating model. This feature allows you to practice alternating forehand and backhand shots, or allows two players to practice together.
    • Remotes: Choose between a wireless remote (+$200) that controls both the ball feed and oscillation of the machine, or no remote.
    • Electronic elevation (+$100): Control ball trajectory with a simple electronic switch instead of the standard manual knob. Works with oscillating machines only.



    Ball Capacity 125 Balls
    Arc Drive to Lob
    Ball Ejection Speed 10 to 60 MPH
    Ball Feed Rate 1.5 to 10 Seconds
    Oscillator Optional
    Playing Time (Battery Model) 3 to 4 Hours, Typical
    Dimensions (closed) 12"H x 19.5"L x 18"W
    Weight (with Battery) 29 Pounds
    Weight (AC Model) 22 Pounds



    • External AC Power Supply: ($124.99 additional): The External AC Power Supply gives you ultimate flexibility for your battery-powered Pickleball Tutor machine, allowing you to plug the machine into any wall outlet so you'll never run out of power.
    • External Battery Pack: ($194.99 additional): The external battery pack attaches to the machine through the charging jack and will provide an additional 4-6 hours of run time. Battery pack weighs approximately 12 pounds. This can only be used with the battery-powered tutor.
    • Weatherproof Cover (Free for a limited time): Light gray vinyl cover. Included with purchase.

    Suggested Configuration

    With all the options available, it can be hard to decide which Tutor setup is right for you. Here is our suggested setup:

    • Battery-powered - the battery model gives you the flexibility to use the Tutor even when you're not within reach of an outlet.
    • External AC power supply - when paired with the battery-powered model, this gives you ultimate flexibility. You'll never have to worry about battery life when within reach of an outlet.
    • Oscillating or 2-line oscillating - the oscillation feature is worth the extra money and most of the Tutors we sell are oscillating. With this features, the machine becomes a much more interesting training tool so you don't have to take shots to the exact same place every time. The new 2-line option is a huge improvement for those who want to switch between forehand and backhand while training or for those who want to use the machine to practice as doubles.
    • Electronic elevation - we think it's worth the $100 to be able to control trajectory with a switch rather than the manual knob.
    • Wireless remote - while this remote is a bit spendy, it adds a huge amount of convenience to using the Tutor — especially if you plan to use it alone. You're able to turn the ball feed and the oscillation feature on and off without having to run over to the machine.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 14 reviews
        The Pickleball Tutor

        I have been using the pickleball tutor for several weeks and just love it. The variety of ball speed and timing make for many great training scenarios. I can feel the improvement in my game after every session. The only improvement I can think of is that the hopper could be a little bigger. The people at Pickleball Experts have been great to work with. I should have sprung for the electronic elevation option, it would be well worth it.



        Pickleball Tutor a great training tool

        So far the pickleball tutor has met all of our expectations. The machine seems to work very well and we are optimistic it will last a long time with proper maintenance. Pickleball experts were very accommodating for me as a buyer and I will buy products from them in the future. Shipping was also surprisingly quick. Thank you pickleball experts

        Pickle Ball Tudor

        I love my Tudor! Worked great right out of the box.

        Shot First Test

        Haven't been able to give the Tutor much of a workout yet; weather has been too cold. However, the one time I did use it, some of the balls 'pooped' low in front of machine-not consistent. I believe that giving it a better chance with more time and it (hopefully) will be 4.0. Check back with me later. Barry

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